Thursday, March 15, 2018

I Want You (Strange Happenings) (For Emily)

Want to write a poem for you
I hope I can pull it off
Like burning off leeches or watching The African Queen under the influence of granola

She was something special
Asked me to dance when no one else wanted anything to do with me
It was probably the only Winnie Cooper moment I’ll ever have in this one life

Let’s trade punches or kisses as In Through The Out Door plays in endless rotation like the Earth rotates around the sun
Newton had nothing on us except that he developed his theory of gravity while relying on the occult idea of action at a distance, across a vacuum, and did it while spitting in no one’s eye
Let’s face it compared to Sir Isaac we’re fucking losers or worse yet, Republicans

Want to spy you naked as I attempt to scale the trestle beneath your imaginary window
I’m not a stalker or a stuntman just a loathsome poet who never thought Corey Feldman was much of an actor even when he was oddly in vogue in the eighties
Bring back the firing squad, a cigarette and blindfold and maybe then I’ll die for this over extended country of haves and have s’mores  

Emily is an actress and an improviser of ferocious skill and wit
Someone who can trip the light fandango without even moving her pinky finger
Canada called and wants to wish us luck before they turn their enlightened backs on our divided states of amnesia

Charles Cicirella

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