Friday, March 09, 2018

Little Girl Blue (For Laura Mvula)

Piano keys undress you
Suspense heightened when you smile
Lost in your elegiac escapades

Don’t wish to rely upon comfort for this poem
These words must be born from a volcano
Your sound nothing pedestrian, thank God for that

We stir in everything and anything we can think of
The kitchen sink another tool instrumental in uncovering our histories
You came onto the scene already a legend, and nothing will stop you now

Let’s begin by forgetting our a,b,c's
Let’s begin by forsaking our Gods
Let’s begin by uncovering our mouths and speaking out against everything silencing us

There’s a racket in my soul that I hear every time I turn off the television in my mind
There’s a rebellious nature that mustn’t be squelched as you wake up and walk toward the sun
Saw, heard and felt you and know I’ll never be the same again.

Charles Cicirella

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