Saturday, March 31, 2018

I'm Sinking Fast

Going to eat a piece of matzoh and try to look passed this desert I’m drowning in
What if the Easter Bunny doesn’t rise again? What then are we to do with all of these obnoxious eggs?
I could binge watch every episode of The West Wing or I could just curl up in a ball and do my best to forget and forgive that I was ever born

I’m sinking fast
The crossroads laid out before me like a snake’s flickering forked tongue as I try to not vomit in my sleep and end up like Hendrix did
I have a close friend who I conspire with and that keeps me both sane and dialed into whichever wavelength isn’t filled with white noise and white privilege

I used to believe that I was better than all the rest until realizing we’re all Keebler Elves doing our very best to find a tree that suits our particular cookie making skillset
I’m so exhausted that I think even dying would take too much energy
It’s best I stop fixating on giving up the ghost and instead figure out how I’ll someday fuck Christina Rici

Going to lay down now and catch some z’s
Maybe when I wake up there will be an Easter basket laid at my feet
Sleep is a sanctuary I look forward to like vanilla malts or malt liquor on a really hot day

Charles Cicirella

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