Sunday, April 15, 2018

Psychotic Break (Inertia in Spades)

I write words like no one else.
Maybe that’s why no one listens.
Either they cannot hear the brilliance
Or they can and it’s too much
For their outmoded intellects.

Shall we break for tea and break a few skulls?
How do you feel about violence and all the crying silences?
I look forward to when I lay my head down on the
Soaking pillow and either wake up in a daydream or
Not at all.

Some will read these words as depressing when nothing
Could be further from the dislocated truth.
I’m no suicide case, in fact I don’t believe in death wishes
Because when you blow out the birthday candles everything
You wish for rarely comes true and when it does watch out.

It’s been so long since I’ve seen the real you. In fact it has
Been decades since I’ve felt comfortable in my own skin.
Rusty recently asked about Katie Boyd and the poems
I’ve written for her. It’s nice when someone makes more
Than an effort and clearly cares about you.

I write words like no one else and some take notice
While most could give a shit less. Me, I’m just doing my best
To doggy paddle through the wistfulness of when I was a child
and a curfew actually meant more than promises broken.
My heart was open for so long I started to take false positives
For granted.

Charles Cicirella

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