Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Television Screen Breeds Discontent

Been a favorite for a good long while,
But not until last night did I enter her Magic Theatre
I was immediately taken aback by the jive she spread
Like salmon cream cheese on an everything bagel

Her eyebrows caught me by surprise as did her
Big ass that called out to me like a lonely planet
Revolving around a fiery sun
I wanted to reach out and bite it or at the very least
Take shelter beneath its plump and erudite tendencies

Television breeds discontent that’s what all the punks say,
But I tend to disagree because I’ll take entertainment in any form
As long as it distracts me from the everyday grind of pushing away
From another bland crisis in these days of bedlam and bondage

I cannot lie when she mentioned The Celestine Prophecy
I got an erection because I wasn’t use to entering a chatroom
And leaving with more than just sticky hands
She got my brain pumping and my heart thinking as I welcomed
The intrusion because too much melancholia makes Jack a dull boy
And sometimes even a serial killer

Charles Cicirella

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