Tuesday, April 03, 2018



I will die in a hail of bullets
It’ll happen lickety split
Because the unconscious mind
Must pay for the sins of the undead

Refusing payment will only get you
In a bigger mess because the horror is
Too splendid to foretell and to absurd
To relive

These words are just words and still
They will keep me dry and filled with possibility
Because they come from someplace other
Than this kingdom we could never quite accept as ours

I’ve been a stray dog since before I was even born
My mother’s favorite, I betrayed her for a father who only
Cared about his own skin and never received his children
For the blessing they are

Some bloodbaths are communal, others only beget more violence
When told guns don’t kill people, people kill people
Understand the simplicity of these words and how ignorance
Can just as easily be sprayed like bullets into a person’s flesh

The darkness of night welcomes me like an angelic kiss
A new morning spits me out like uncured meat
You were always my first choice, even and especially when
You hated me for the choices I refused to make

Charles Cicirella

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