Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Cuddle Universe (For Kat)


Every Beatles song was written with her in mind
Even the ones you can’t kill to
There was a blueberry hill and that’s where I lost my thrill

Pat Gunn has built my last two desktops
He’s always proven to be smarter than the AI he’s studying
He takes direction like he was born in the theater

I have a headache, but it’s my own damn fault
Some pot goes down easy while other strains make you choke and take generic Advil
I’m gonna wait before I jump to the conclusion this pot needs to be returned to sender
Shady deals in some rural outpost where inflatable swans float by like marshmallow clouds. I can’t stop choking, might be time to call the paramedics or a reformed Rabbi

I desire to slide into her like a bookmark or the pointed tip of a tailor’s very sharp needle
Milton Berle had a horse cock and used to fuck Marilyn Monroe like a bowl of red borsht at The Russian Tearoom around noon and after eight o’clock
I don’t know why I’m mentioning that other than I’ve been trying to fit his horse cock into a poem for what seems like decades now

Back to Kat Boyd and her astronomic wavelength, transmitting only to the rain dogs who believe in universal healthcare for all animal, vegetable and plant life
I slipped on a banana peel and instead of laughing we made pudding from our tears
I was too lazy to pick my own blueberries so instead I ordered a short stack of blueberry pancakes and pretended I was once a captain of industry

Charles Cicirella 

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