Tuesday, July 23, 2019



Every day I wake up and make a cup of NESCAFÉ® Clásico
It’s a routine like watching Jeopardy! or masturbating
Sometimes I misplace my purpose, but I always regain my sea legs before I need to resort to Dexedrine though don’t put it passed me to crush it up and snort it

“The world is turnin', I hope it don't turn away” Neil wrote that and I couldn’t agree more as the beach swallows up more of the coast and singer songwriters  go the way of apoplectic dinosaurs
Don’t forget to put on your galoshes as you wade out into puddles of blood and pushcart carnage
I am so sick and tired of the haves doing their damndest to eradicate the have nots and I am glad that the me too’s have begun to rise up and right so many king-sized wrongs

Weinstein, Rose, Spacey and the list goes on and on can go fuck themselves into oblivion as the people rise up to take back what’s rightfully theirs
The “rich and powerful” seem to think the world is their playground and their “celebrity” makes them impervious to right and wrong
We must draw a line in the sands of time and teach these demolition experts a thing or two or three thousand about how real people feel about being take advantage of for so goddamn long

Every day I wake up and seek out a flower to smell or a puppy to pet because I so desperately need to reconnect to the beauty and simple complexity of everything and nothing
Multiple shithouses are burning as the news from across the pond only fans more flames of incompetence and entitlement
Our civilization only has so much air left in its tires before we fall flat before our creators, begging forgiveness for all the wrongs that have been perpetuated in the name of vanity and self-aggrandizement

Charles Cicirella

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