Saturday, March 28, 2020

“ferry across the Mersey and go for the throat”

Accept no guilty verdicts.
Learn to do hard time by squinting your eyes when you undoubtedly flinch.
It’s all so perverse and light on its feet.

Job’s on full display as we do our best to shelter-in-place.
Sisyphus had nothing on us, because at least he could touch his face as he perpetually rolled his bladder back up a steep incline.
I’ve been on your wavelength since mankind touched the moon and even before that I knew it was up to me.

It’s time to either put our cards on the table or admit we’re bluffing.
Let’s leave the casino before the dust and melancholia settles in for good.
I’ll always regret chastising the host or hostess at that Perkin’s after seeing Bob. Sometimes I can be such an asshole.

For some people letting bygones be bygones is the only way they know how to save face.
If you don’t feel comfortable being forthcoming with me what’s the point of even being friends?
I believed we had each other’s backs and that we were always real with each other. Now I don’t know what to believe and if you can even be trusted, as you blame a pandemic for how you’re acting and accept no responsibility whatsoever.

Charles Cicirella

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