Tuesday, March 03, 2020

The Fire Inside


Bob Seger is playing
I light the pipe
Carcinogens will be the death of us all

Let’s start over?
Why? What would that solve?
We learned nothing after the Great Flood other than to buy a life jacket at the next fire sale

My dreams are informing on me
I always suspected my subconscious might be a double secret agent
There’s a war crashing through our door and it has everything to do with evil triumphing over good

Austerity like bipartisanship is complete and utter bullshit
I’m tired and I’m sick of living in a society that fears its culture more than it questions sleeping with the enemy
They’ll tell you the war is over while buying more bullets for their invisible guns

I saw Bob Seger interviewed by Bob Costas
During the interview Bob had a small cassette player at his feet playing Van Morrison's "Hymns to the Silence"
If I’m not creating, then I’m not breathing, and I don’t exist

Charles Cicirella

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