Sunday, March 29, 2020

Glad Wrap

I desire to bite hard on your nipples while reading you passages from the Bible you did not know existed.
It will be like the first time my mom took me to Safety Town and I wouldn’t let go of her hand because I knew there was a good chance she wouldn’t come back to get me.
Don’t buy their BS that to get along you mustn’t ever speak your mind.

I’m no one’s therapist, savior or stop gap measure so how is it I could have manipulated you into doing anything against your will when I was as see-through as a Koi pond at twilight.
Let’s stop cutting the crusts off our gluten free bread and remember how good you felt when you finally stood up to Marilyn or told Janice you needed to take some time for yourself.
You hold the levers to your own victory or defeat depending on how much pressure you apply, when the blinders you’ve been wearing for far too long finally give up their ghost and you’re left with a social life of skeletal remains and requiems of snore and burp.

How will you ever fully blossom if you keep cowering to your father and how was I a bad influence when all the decisions you made were your own?
Will you ever accept responsibility for the strong, beautiful human you are or will you continue to take the easy way out, allowing everyone around you to do your heavy lifting while you stand back and pretend you’re a victim.

Charles Cicirella

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