Monday, January 25, 2021

Amanda Munchkin

Catches you off guard with a dry wit dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with brutal honesty
The gingerbread house was nice, but the gingerbread condo was more spacious and closer to a big glass of almond milk
I don’t know you and I’m not even sure why I’m writing you this poem, other than to say I am glad I stumbled upon you in this social media maze of frozen and defrosted common sense

Not hitting on you in the least little bit, these words are just that, words that may lift you up or at the very least help to keep you standing when the boredom and isolation rips into your flesh like a pair of elongated bladelike canine teeth
We all need a pick me up from time to time as your surroundings mock you and the vacation you were someday going to take becomes your last saving grace

Knocks you out with her velvet, snapdragon tweets, breathing fire with their sultry undertones of jazz and despair
I wish I was dreaming when I wrote this, but I’m still very much awake as my Stonehenge thoughts knock on Amanda’s confectionary door asking for a cup of sugar and some of her fireproof wisdom
Some people are sweet; others sour while others are just right as they prove not only the existence of Goldilocks, but also of the three bears.

Charles Cicirella

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