Sunday, January 10, 2021

Social Distance Snuggle (For Kat)

Let’s stand apart from the rat fuckers and longshore sycophants who blow trump and boris for the sake of sport and for the sake of their sadistic brand of warped patriotism
I desire to social distance snuggle with you across a field of Orpheus daisies
It’s metaphysical, but make no mistake it’s also very much physical as I imagine checking out all your reference materials and leaving no page unturned

Sometimes I think of you naked, sitting on a rock. I cannot reach you because I’m blindfolded and behind glass
In this dream sequence sad eyed ladies of the lowland captivate as much with their vowels as with their fluttering eyelashes
Your tattooed soul called my tattooed soul collect and I accepted the charges because I’ve been in love with you since Fred Flintstone was carved into Mount Rushmore
Let’s stand together and push against the tide that’s never had our best interests at heart
I’m tired of somebody else eating my lunch and vomiting pablum down my esophagus
It’s supernatural, but make no mistake it’s also grounded firmly in reality as getting to know you takes me way, way back to a silence I’m having a difficult time letting go of

I want to hold you as nighttime turns out the daylight
I want to run with you as the desert howls all around us like a wolf symphony
Making love to you I mustn’t even imagine as words fail me and my thought fingers go on strike.

Charles Cicirella

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