Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Ghost Memories


Living ghosts linger on longer than dead ones.
Trauma is a drug we cannot get enough of.
America is on its knees, gun in mouth, taking it willfully up the ass.

Wearing slippers from Aldi’s; discovered socks are not necessary and my feet can now breathe.
Who doesn’t want Puff the Magic Dragon as their friend? It all makes sense when an imaginary beast befriends you.
Let’s stop futzing around and accept if we don’t push back, the basket of deplorables will continue to consume us and in the end we’ll be worse off than a cadaver.

We must up the ante and accept it’s not house money we’re playing with. We’re all in jeopardy if we don’t soon see the forest through the trees and listen more closely as a bear takes a healthy shit on our faces.
Living ghosts have their regrets, but it’s nothing compared to our many regrets as we turn a blind eye to another priest or celebrity whore diddling our children for sport.
We’re the ones to blame if we continue allowing all this slipshod shit to seep through the floorboards as we pretend all is well and a virus isn’t coming for us all.

This land was never our land and the proof in the pudding contains so much high fructose corn syrup our children become junkies even before the methadone clinic can open for business.
Why does no one want to admit what Kobe Bryant did and does his legendary status really give him a pass for demanding that chopper to go up, killing everyone, including his own daughter?
We mustn’t govern by focus group if we ever want to make any real headway and finally find out what happened to Virginia Dare.

Charles Cicirella

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