Saturday, January 01, 2022

Obliteration (For Joni)

Picks up the paintbrush and paints our psyches
The sacrifices she makes for her heart - art you’ll never understand
The life of an artist is a lonely one. Just ask Vincent

We talked on the phone recently, and for the first time I was scared because I heard a terror in her voice I’ve not heard before
We thumb our noses at God, but it does us no favors except damn us to another decade of pointless puzzle solving
Joni knows the secrets of the past because she works only in the future

Was fired from some bullshit dollar store for stealing tampons, but we both know the truth is stranger than that
The reality she brandishes leaves everyone in the cowboy dust, and that goes triple for anyone who underestimates her fairy spirit
We got reacquainted in, of all places, a Greyhound bus station in Indiana. I’ll be forever grateful for that fateful meeting

Walks onto the open stage and delivers a song about Crazy Horse that brings people to tears as Joni takes away our emotional cobwebs
As funny as they come when she is comfortable in her surroundings
I wish she could find a home and that her holocaust mind stopped giving her lemons

The life of an artist is something no book or movie will ever adequately capture
The nobility of a creative soul is lost in the cremation ovens of the status quo
Joni picked me up so long ago, and I pray she never puts me down.

Charles Cicirella

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