Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Fifth Poem (Peanut M&M’s)


Let’s stop the bullshit.
Stop pretending we’re smart when we’re not.
Stop lying to ourselves and everyone else because it’s more convenient than telling the truth and cutting off our noses to spite our duplicitous faces.

You want to pull arms from sockets do it on your own time.
You want to waterboard everyone and anyone because you believe it’s more cost effective than actually using our words?
If that’s the case than count me out because I’m through with black ops and the tyranny that goes along with being an enemy of the good.

I remember when being a junkyard dog actually afforded you more than a kick in the face and a slap on the hind quarters.
I remember when walking down memory lane didn’t involve IEDs or the inability to show your American face in a Muslim country.
We’re not making things better with all this fear mongering and if anything we’ve made ourselves less safe since 911 by believing it’s a simple matter of untying our hands from behind our clandestine backs and howling at the blood moon.

You want peace?
Ain’t going to happen. Not on this illegitimate President’s watch or on the watch of a President the people actually elected.
Peace isn’t in the cards because War is the only language the powerbrokers speak and that’s been true since Cain hit Abel's head with a stone and killed him.

Let’s cease and desist from telling each other lies we’ll never be able to live down.
Let’s stop pouring drinks no one actually wants to drink and get down to what’s really going on.
Information has replaced money and violence as the new kid on the block and if you want to be the king of the hill you best start listening more and stop spilling so much rhetorical bullshit.

Charles Cicirella

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