Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Walk Into a Dark Room and Become the Light (For Mikal)

Transmigration is for the birds.
Don’t tell Timothy Archer that when he’s down on his luck and not even the pink beam will answer his wavelength in good faith.
I never act smarter than I am. In fact I do everything I can to undersell my intellect in case I have to go to the mat with nothing but my skivvies and brain on auto-pilot.

Sometimes decisions get reversed just because it’s the time of the season and even zombies get tired of being raised from the dead.
Job and God had a complicated relationship though if you look at it from God’s omniscient point of view he was just testing faith while discovering even a blessed man living righteously will discover endless devotion in your creator has its limits.
I don’t feel like breaking into song. I also don’t feel like bidding you a sweet adieu because I know you’re the genuine article and so few of those still exist today.

We’re all dinosaurs to some degree or another.
Did you know dinosaurs had feathers not scales and when draining the swamp that’s next to impossible to do if you yourself live in a nest of vipers?
Our country has gone to the dogs, but that’s nothing new, now all we need to do is find our moral compass and keep reminding ourselves that dignity has never been photographed.

Every picture I see of you online there are shimmering lights.
Please know I’m not going religious here, but instead speaking of one’s true Lite-Brite soul and the open embrace of believing you’ll always make it through the storm.
We transfigure ourselves with every tap of the keys or stroke of a pen or number 2 pencil we make. Writing through the stain of human existence and never forgetting that living in fear is for the birds.

Charles Cicirella

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