Monday, February 13, 2017

Fourth Poem (Chicken Salad)

Went shopping with my good friend Lori and her Aunt Joyce.
Got some chicken salad that I cannot wait to try on honey wheat bread.
It’s always about the littlest of things especially in these days of Molotov cocktails and Venus flytraps.

‘Perfect is the enemy of the good’ that’s what some settler said who gave up on the glass ever being full.
We trade punches with a champ and then throw in the towel because we’re sweaty and cannot stand the inevitable outcome.
Inevitability is for the losers in every single one of us as our winners storm the airport and keep the hostages out of harm’s way.

You want brilliant?
Well then come back in an hour or so after I’ve had my mid-morning bowel movement and wiped all of this shit residue off of my caffeine addled brain.
My ancestors built the pyramids and Mercedes. Or my ancestors are aliens and will never accept business as usual. Or my ancestors are both and you best get out of the way.

Went shopping and picked up some frozen sushi. Even came with soy sauce and wasabi.
What will they think of next because I still cannot get over how awesome sliced bread is.
After we were done shopping I went home and unpacked all of my many treasures. Popped open a can of Sudz Rootbeer and checked my email. Life is sometimes very good.

Charles Cicirella

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