Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Braving The Elements

Braving The Elements
(For Elaine and Mikal)

It’s cold outside and I don’t feel like going inside and getting my coat
Everywhere I look there are memories of her and it haunts me like a memorable refrain
This is life and this is death and it’s a cycle I refuse to capitulate to

A boxer who was trained to stay in their own lane even and especially when the rain would not cease from pouring down
Steinbeck had it right, take your dog and travel the country questioning this "new America"
I lost my mother in 2017 and I still have not properly grieved for a woman who instilled in me both grit and the humility to know when I must kneel and pray

It’s cold inside and I don’t feel much like going outside and feeling the sun
Everywhere I look are memories of her and I feel both her kiss and her indelible touch
Storybooks only tell a smidgen of the tale and when loss rolls in like rolling thunder all we can do is shelter in place and believe in something bigger than ourselves

Charles Cicirella

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