Sunday, March 31, 2019

Chuffed (For Kat Boyd)

Taught me a new word
Showed me the sun
By opening her heart

Listening to “The Fool On The Hill”
Bobbie Gentry never sounded better
You train me with your eyes and lips

I’m not a dragon or a broken paperclip
The window was open so I climbed inside
Katie’s dreams welcomed me like Nixon in China

Showed me the way with empowered gestures of bravery
Her Cowardly Lion and my Toto hung out in Technicolor
Once upon a time I partied with drag queens in the Tenderloin

I don’t write poetry that’s why most poets ignore me like the plague
The words cut into the page like a samurai sword or electric toothbrush
She took my hand and calmed my fears with her feminine wiles

Taught me about God
Undressed in the moonlight and rose like a new sun
She eclipsed my night terrors by making love to me with aggression and the rhythm and blues method

Charles Cicirella

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