Sunday, March 24, 2019

Standing At Attention (For Julia Haw)

I apologize
Didn’t mean to come across as aggressive
Brain hurts from all this radio silence

She stood next to me if you know what I mean
It was like a cyclone had hit my troubled heart
What she did with her paintbrushes would make anyone blush

Stands at attention
Like a soldier awaiting orders
Like a stone cold fox making dinner plans

When Julia beats her drum everything changes for the better
The music in her head is filled with endless color and bright lights
The blank canvas looks to her as both a savior and a savant

Loosen the screws in my neck
Even the Bride of Frankenstein needs to let down her hair every now and then
Horror movies are our bread and butter when our culture shorts out and civility has gone the way of big ass dinosaurs

I apologize
For calling you out for what I believed were bad manners
Please understand I’ve always been hyper sensitive and that goes triple now that I have shingles

She languished like a daylily that couldn’t quite make up its mind
All flowers will have their day in the sun no matter the weather report
Creativity never hurts because you cannot do it wrong

Charles Cicirella

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