Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Slab of Tofu


The ice tastes like water and the water tastes like shit
Smoking so much pot even the munchies have called in sick
I plan my nights around nausea and reruns of The Good Wife

I’m tired of texting people and hearing only the sound of crickets
Don’t mention pizza and then not show up, that’s just plain cruel
Reaching out to friends only to get repeatedly stabbed in the back is what makes Johnny a serial disbeliever

These days the brass ring is covered in axle grease and promissory notes
Sometimes I get so tired of the broken state of affairs I play hide and seek with my invisible self and go the way of nightshade and DoorDash
Forget the promises you made to me and try and remember the promises you made to yourself

Eating Alka-Seltzer® ReliefChews like they’re going out of style because my stomach has something to say and I’ve become hard of hearing
I told Pipi if she didn’t start ignoring me I’d pull her braids and give her a swift kick in her pantaloons
The reason everything feels wonky is because we have a weak President who refuses to listen to anyone, but his authoritative demons

The water from the tap is obnoxious and lacks depth, but buying bottled water has never made any sense to me
Let’s stop pretending we’re not heading toward a Mad Max world where up is down and the Jewish people better watch their backs
I plan my days around chronic masturbation and reruns of Lost in Space

Charles Cicirella

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