Monday, June 03, 2019

NOT QUITE LOVE SONGS (For Craig Robertson)

Strips everything to the bone
Wears a sardonic smile and a gumshoe fedora
Brave enough to crawl into the breech as the bonfires on the beach shine their bright luminosities and the strangled Christmas lights remind us of besotted hope

Her anger changed him into another man
An invisible man
He always showed up until he didn’t and that was the straw that broke the camel’s last hump

These songs are an interrogation under an undressed bulb as our sheetrock chemistries leave us in the vandalized dark with a dead feeling lying atop our suicide vests
“Inside my heart locked away are all the things I’m meant to say and all the songs I’m meant to play for you are locked away in my heart.”
The evil dead are at the bedroom door endlessly knocking out their smash mouth melodies

Meet the challenge by doing your chosen work no matter how small the room is
The boardinghouse is meant for those down and out, not idiot savants or stable geniuses who believe a trade war will change a fucking thing
“I was saying fuck you before you were born. I’ll be saying fuck you long after you’re gone.”

Charles Cicirella

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