Wednesday, June 26, 2019

(queasy and squiffy)

I just added squiffy to the dictionary
I’d do anything for Kat because as muses go she’ll never go the way of the dodo
Soulmates really can and do exist in this shattered glass World Gone Wrong contagion of minuses and more disorienting pluses

We stick together like Velcro or Velveeta Cheese
It all makes sense and when it doesn’t I take a deep breath and close my winsome eyes
Let’s go to an art museum together and gaze at each other for the fine examples of modern expressionism that we both are

When you’re feeling queasy and squiffy I want to take care of you like no one has taken care of you before
I wish to wait on you hand and foot and when those parts are attended to taking care of any other lingering maladies hanging around your neck like an albatross with the whooping cough
I’m now imagining us both in our favorite pajamas making forts out of our blankets and making shadow puppets with what’s ever on hand

This poem is getting silly because that’s how I imagine you when you’re right as rain and feel up to conquering the world or at least ordering carryout
You make me sing and I desire to make you sing before it’s too late and all of the best songs have been taken by Karaoke enthusiasts
I just added squiffy to the dictionary and it made me smile like you make me smile each and every day with your soulful predilections for always keeping the heid no matter how fair puckled you are

Charles Cicirella

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