Saturday, June 01, 2019

Surely you jest. (For Beth)

She asked when will the world let me in on my own terms and I could totally relate and understand how the party she was invited to wasn’t the party she had planned in her sweet forty seven year old head.
Let’s stop standing ourselves up and instead focus on the cows grazing in the pastures of plenty that don’t know they’re cows, but still fulfill their function because integrity is our last best hope and the only game worth betting on.
I know her poems cradle her in the fragile cocoon of an aspiring ballerina butterfly that knows no bounds when pressing on becomes her very last prayer.

God Is Everywhere.
That’s plain to see once we remove the scales from our eyes and cease and desist from worrying over outcomes and unpaid debts.
She was a scrapper and a scavenger long before it was in vogue showing off one’s true feelings and trading in our emotional baggage for something more simplistic like divine ecstasy.

Her poems are building blocks trading in fear for the acceptance of who she is and why she traveled through the sky to be here.
She landed like a champ as descent and ascent got mashed up and her vegan diet showed her the way to paradises unadorned when heart healthy replaces salt and processed food with a diet based on a wide variety of whole plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.
Nothing stands in Beth’s way as she becomes her best friend and leaves all the carbon monoxide behind her in someone else’s garage of reckoning.

Charles Cicirella

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