Monday, August 05, 2019

Desire & Delirium (For Julie Ursem Marchland)

Water beading as you exit the bath
Every curve a symphony of sound and endless rapture

Birthday suit
Everyday a new way to process everything
The chains broken when our synapses snap crackle and pop

Poetry my savior since I pulled out the nails and screamed at my creator
Crucifixion is nothing compared to self-preservation and The Grand Inquisitor that exists within us all
My intellect as sharp as a stone skipping across the water and I’d be as mad as a hatter if I didn’t confess the love I feel for you

I would start at the beginning, but it’s the middle where all the cream filling lies in wait
You know what it means to be both a woman and a child as I catch glimpses of the Big Bang in your equine eyes
It started with a murmur and before we knew it the Chosen People felt anguish beyond the scope of their routine suffering

I could care less about the emperor’s new clothes
It’s only you I wish to spy nude beneath a sky of sliced red ribbons and blue ribbons handed out only to the underachievers
My eyes paint you in a field of daisies as we run through the brushstrokes of yellow and green and pretend we haven’t a care in this world

Charles Cicirella

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