Thursday, August 01, 2019

Doldrums (For Vertigo and Kat)

This rootbeer saved my life
I’m not embellishing in the least little bit
It’s Virgil’s because sometimes the cheap shit just won’t do

Still thinking about you and that you’re dead
We weren’t close, but we’re both creative spirits and like me, you always had a way of taming the shrews with such aplomb and guerilla like finesse
If there was an Olympic sport for publishing poetry you’d be the Michael Phelps of the poetry galaxy

This rootbeer saved my life because it cut no corners when getting to my taste buds
Sometimes apathy sodomizes you so hard you forget what it’s like not being a beast of someone else’s burden
I want to slow dance with you under the Glasgow stars as we sweat out our vindictive vendettas and abandoned love ransomware into the wet streets

The death of a friend, even someone you only knew in the publishing sense of the word can and will hit you like a ton of Gideon Bibles
I enjoyed our conversations on the way back from North Royalton as he told me tales of what it’s like to be him in this unvetted rain forest of scrambled romantics and hopeful artists
I’m going to take another swig, and another toke and try my damndest to live inside this miserable news by playing all the many Poet’s Haven hits back in my head,

just to mention (but) a few:

“Ether Bisque” by Steven Smith, Julie Ursem Marchand, Joni Soule and Charles Cicirella
“Another Set of Ripped-Out Bloody Pigtails” by Juliet Cook
"Andropomorphic" by Summer Kurtz
"Fragments from the Book of the After-Dead" by Herb Kauderer
"From Frost to Phoenix" by Crystal Clark
"Origami Lilies" by Joshua Gage
"Reckoning with Essential Bliss" by Marc Mannheimer
"Poemaholic" by Azriel Johnson
"Stanley Stanley's Investigative Services and Other Mysteries" by Kristina England
"Corpus Lingua" by Dianne Borsenik
"It Takes More Than Chance to Make Change" by John Burroughs
"Inside the Walls of a Blackened Book" by A.J. Huffman
"Her Haunted Hazel Eyes Contradict Her Smile" by Lynne Albert
"Imaginary Conversations" by Jen Pezzo
"Anywhere Else But Here" by Carla Thompson
"I Wish" by Skylark Bruce
"A Thousand Voices: A City Shaman's Notebook" by C.M. Brooks
"Getting There" by Jacob King

Charles Cicirella

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