Monday, August 05, 2019

Marcie (For Julie Ursem Marchland)

Had a crush on you for the longest time
It’s true like ice-cream melts beneath the hot sun
It’s true like wiener dogs looking for their bun

Standing the test of time means nothing if you’re unwilling to look Chronos in the eye and demand he stops putting his thumb on the scale
I pull these words out of me like Hepburn and Bogart burned off the leeches in The African Queen

You’re a forties movie heroine like Veronica Lake
Your femme fatale roles and peek-a-boo hairstyle leaves us all desiring more as you eat all of the popcorn and finish the last craft beer
I’ve often wondered what would happen if we got lost long enough, would you scooch on over and share your kerosene longings with me

Had a crush on you since before Burton had his last drink or Virginia Wolf consumed Little Red Riding Hood simply because she could
The poems I write for you are different perhaps because they’re more literal and fit so succinctly inside your card catalog
Was that last line a euphemism for something else, maybe, but your mind is never in the gutter which is such a breath of fresh air in these dangerously toxic times of man bites dog and dog swallows man whole

I have a friend her name is Beth and she’s doing her very best to stand up for who she is after so many years of just going along so she wasn’t disliked
Beth has discovered when trying to be the best you that so many supposedly close friends will turn their backs because you no longer fit their frame of reference
I mention Beth because I think you could be good friends because you are both as sweet as can be and neither one of you wishes harm on anyone.

Charles Cicirella

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