Thursday, August 01, 2019


What the fuck happened?
Last I heard you were taking over the world
Now you’re dead and another poet goes unsung

You weren’t just above the petty politics of the Cleveland poetry scene you were beyond it like some galactic space invader who knew their place and was ready to blow it up if necessary
First time I entered your orbit was at Snoetry when you bought Little Caesars for everyone
When someone needed a ride you’d go out of your way to bring that person to the light and you even did that for me on a number of clandestine occasions

The news of your passing continues to hit me as hard as Lou’s Berlin
Poets shouldn’t die they should turn into stardust which I believe is what’s happened to you
Never forget your disgruntled beast of an automobile pulling up and the neighbors acting like Gort had just landed and no one quite knowing how to receive this visitor from another planet

What the fuck happened?
I’m at a loss as I search the dictionary for words to cover my sadness and not leave me such a wreck
You had the entire poetry scene in a chokehold and did it with such gentleness no one ever felt short changed or insulted when you came down the chimney and ate the cookies and drank the milk intended for Santa.

Charles Cicirella

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Geoffrey A. Landis said...

I can't believe it. He was tireless, an amazing supporter of poetry.
I'm so sad he's gone.