Sunday, April 12, 2020

Covid-19 Blues

Clamminess has returned
This is strange because
It was gone for at least 5 days

Now my roommate’s employer
Is playing games about when she
Can return to work

Why would anyone purposely mess with
Another person’s peace of mind especially
When the world is collapsing in on itself?

Where are all the people we can turn to
And why is it not okay for us to express our feelings
Using one’s disability against them is dirty pool

Two days ago the diarrhea started again
This time worse than it was a week ago
I’m still not short of breath, thank God

Pushing against the status quo squeezing me like there’s no tomorrow
Starting to feel like when my mother passed away and the floor beneath my feet went on holiday
Friends I’ve known for thirty years and more dropping like flies as a cloud of grasshoppers plagues my worried mind.

Charles Cicirella

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