Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Respect the Virus

Hope has Covid-19 and it can't get tested
Probably got it while worshiping with the other sheep packed in like sweaty sardines in a house of worship and slaughter
People can be so fucking stupid and we're all paying for it as social distancing is targeted like a black president or Jewish Senator who speaks truth into a red, white and blue void

Continue washing and wringing your hands as we’re endangered by a government held hostage by their own ignorance and self-serving agendas
You need to be your own advocate now more than ever as an us versus them mentality becomes its own recipe for disaster in these times of neglect and isolation
Hope has Covid-19 and is being ordered back to work after only seven days of quarantine and no test to make certain that hope is no longer contagious.

Charles Cicirella

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