Monday, April 13, 2020

In Your Bosom I Will Find My North Star

Some people will believe the title crude
Some people are as dull and blunt as a box of rocks
There’s a soul and there’s a mate just look at geese or primates
We get in the most trouble when we foil other people’s secret plans with our untidy hopes and messy dreams

I never actually believed he owed me a career, but sometimes when he said it I’d fold up inside like a cheap suit or origami constructed by inferior hands
I’m here to confide in and I know I don’t have to remind you of this just please know it brings me some comfort and I pray it brings you some comfort too
The test of time was bad mouthing us both so I stood up to it with everything I had and I would tell you what happened, but my standing here should be proof enough that we both made it through and we’re both younger because of it

There is a climate and there is this or that Clooney scandal and maybe that’s unfair to say, but some chiseled pretty faces are just that chiseled and beauty is easily lost in the eyes of forgotten airbrushed ghosts
You’re my Statue of Liberty and I don’t say that because I’m patriotic or believe either one of us is part of the huddled masses, I say it to appear less opaque in these day-glow decentralized times where evil is gaining more and more of a foothold and fake news chips away at our Democracy with every toxic tweet the orange plague chirps

Charles Cicirella

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