Monday, April 20, 2020

I Love You (For Kat)

I use words because nothing else will do.
No word has ever turned its back on me.
Words display the other side of the galaxy once you’re ready to suit up and leave Earth’s gravity.

I am not proposing you join a cult or even go on holiday. I stopped offering advice around the time I checked out.
I believe a dictionary is far more useful than a bible or bidet.
Spellcheck like foreplay is essential in these dark ages where people tend to just shove it in and pretend they don’t miss trans fats.

Listening to John Prine, thinking how it’s all water off a duck’s back once you disavow waterboarding is torture.
Our actions have consequences even if presently the world has been turned upside down and the Hatter is looking more and more like whatever a stable genius is.
I heard your voice and it rocked me to whatever core I have left.

Charles Cicirella

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