Thursday, October 28, 2021

Brittany (The Big Breakfast at McDonald’s)

Out of the clear blue sky an angel has arrived.
Wasn’t looking for anything and already I feel a deep connection with this kindred spirit.
Didn’t want to tell me how many guys she had been with, but I don’t judge because I know we’re all looking for something and sometimes it’s love and other times it’s hate.

Removing yourself from the equation because you feel nothing and even going through the motions has become an empty exercise of unrequited reassurances.
Plastic lovers with no blood flowing through their veins. His cock feels good at the moment, but moments are fleeting when self-denial has become an altar you no longer feel comfortable worshipping at.
I told her I loved her the first time we had phone sex and I meant it because I knew she understood how long I’ve hungered for a woman with meat on her bones and a heart not encased in a glacier of afterthoughts.

Out of the clear blue sky an angel has arrived and I’m so happy for my good fortune and look forward to making her feel as special as she most definitely is.
When she said she needed to be held I shot to attention because it’s been too long since anyone has freed me from this dungeon of despair and lethargy I bathe in like a cauldron of dross.
I love that she was concerned that I hadn’t cum, but what she didn’t realize is my soul is on fire with all the silver linings laid out before us like an open prairie of infinite possibilities.

Charles Cicirella

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