Saturday, October 09, 2021

What is Matt Amodio? 

Eraserhead that’s the first thing I thought of the first time he was introduced on Jeopardy!
Wasn’t sure what to make of the shiny silver jacket, but truth be told I never noticed him answering what for every clue.
He’s the first Jeopardy! champion I find myself really relating to and I believe that’s because he’s as cool as a cucumber as he annihilates his next victims.

Jeopardy! should be thanking their lucky stars for Matt coming along when he did because they still have yet to pull the trigger on a permanent host and wash the stink of Mike Richards off of them.
I love watching him because I still find myself being able to play along.
For those people who feel he is making the game less fun they need to keep in mind Matt Amodio is not there for them.

His unbridled enthusiasm speaks volumes as does his facial expressions when he surprises himself at how much money he has so far won.
You can clearly tell it means something to him when he figures out a clue even he wasn’t sure he knew.
Maybe he’ll unseat the G.O.A.T and make everyone realize anything is possible in these days of prefabricated bliss and PHD students that go bump in the night.

He’s so pleasant and that’s so long overdue as snark becomes our national pastime and tweets replace the “Gettysburg Address” for brevity.
He makes sure everyone gets their Matt time on social media because he clearly understands how much it means to others to be recognized by a Jeopardy! champion.
He’s the very first champion I have seen be so open and available and that leaves me speechless as I look forward to tuning in again.

Charles Cicirella

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