Saturday, October 09, 2021

Holly the Magnificent Storyteller

When Joe becomes annoyed I’m so disheartened.
The way Holly spins a tail never fails to leave me wanting more.
Think Aesop if he was hell bent for leather and smoked like a beatific chimney.

Storytime with the Cohen's is a very special time and one I never take for granted.
You know you’re part of the pack when Holly tucks you in with her words of wisdom and whatnot.
I’m leaving on the midnight train to Georgia and before I go I just wanted to say your tangents repeatedly put me under your spell.

Bewitched, bothered and bewildered is where I’m at.
It’s all on account of this woman who weaves together words like no one else I know and leaves me in a transformative state where I’m set free from the day’s murdersome agenda of piss poor shenanigans.
Time to take a break and stop believing so fervently in the fairy tales the Brothers Grimm poured into us like antifreeze.

When Joe interrupts Holly I almost want to stand up and dance a jig because maybe that will distract from the uncomfortable energy entering the room like Elijah on a three day bender.
She’s rhapsodic in her delivery and it helps to heal me and feel less beleaguered.
I know there’s no going back when Holly the Magnificent Storyteller comes to your town and packs them in with her capstone knowledge and knitting needle asides.

Charles Cicirella

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