Friday, October 15, 2021

Gun Moll

Takes shit from no one
One of the many reasons I love her so much
It doesn’t hurt that Al Pacino called her baby

She’s Veronica Lake, Hedy Lamarr and Lauren Bacall all rolled into one shot of pure cinematic gold
You want straight talk call Nichole Hersey and statistically speaking she’ll surprise you with every slippery syllable that catapults from her big red mouth
You want to lose your shit laughing about just about anything under the sun call Nichole Hersey and she’ll have you rolling in the aisles like a big bouncing ball

Takes shit from no one as she clutches Al’s arm and they walk down the NY streets like a couple of made goys in search of contraband and canoodling
We’re both after the same thing; to pay it forward as best we can and to get out of here alive before the concert is over and security clears the floor
I wish I could afford to sit front row with her one time as Bob acknowledges us both in his mercurial, Huckleberry Finn way and we leave floating on cloud nine

Her mom cracks me up
Makes me wish I could find Rhode Island on the map and pay the family a visit
I promise to stay only long enough that the impression I leave is favorable and no one feels they got left holding the wrong end of the stick

She’s Gene Tierney, Dorothy Lamour and Joan Bennet all rolled into a ring of fire and fearsome innuendos
She gives as good as she gets and I respect the hell out of her for holding her ground and being loyal to the teeth
When she told me about throwing a dish of pasta on the floor and leaving the room I nearly lost my shit because I knew exactly where she was coming from and how that place isn’t easy to digest on an empty stomach.

Charles Cicirella

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