Saturday, June 13, 2020

Called the Freeze

Trust busting
Gut rupturing
Make America get down on one knee.

An embarrassment of riches
A country that should be ashamed of itself
We must find the snake handler in contempt before another neo-liberal disguises themselves as the newest vanilla sheep and tosses us only spare change after being elected the king or queen of the dilettantes.

There’s no worry of perfect being the enemy of the good when there’s no true coalition among these lapdog assassins  
Black men, women and children are being murdered in the streets by the racist police and all we keep doing is the same talk until we’re blue in the face and have forgiven ourselves for being so fucking passive aggressive
Violence isn’t the answer; neither is defunding the police, but reforming the way we speak to one another must start now.

Contrition has gone up in smoke right before our eyes
We light the match every time we say a prayer for another senseless death instead of actually doing something about it
I don’t believe we’ll find the off switch to our ignorance and indifference anytime soon and to believe any different is the definition of insanity, until we rewire how we think and feel.

Charles Cicirella

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