Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Fruit Punch


Drinking fruit punch, thinking about kissing your ruby red lips.
Evie was laid-off today. Everything is sucking for a lot of people as the ignorant infect us with their Covid-19 righteous indignation and we’re lucky if a ventilator isn’t in all of our futures.
Watching 60 Minutes the other night and they were reporting on probiotics and they started to talk about them in baby formula and it got me thinking about Jonestown and how the U S of Asinine is its very own death cult.

I have to believe life in Scotland is more idyllic, but then I shake myself awake and remember even a picture’s beauty is only skin deep.
I can’t help but wonder if the ground is again opening up beneath me like it did when my mother passed away and if I shouldn’t be doing more to be certain I land on my feet.
Then I remind myself no one bought a warranty coming into this life and the only guarantee we got is at some point we’ll no longer exist in a physical material body.

I don’t even think about having sex anymore. What I’d really enjoy is social distancing with someone while watching All in the Family reruns and laughing at the same inappropriate moments.
Every day this virus shows us our true selves in a Petri dish of blood and saliva.
I don’t believe we’ll ever return to what we once accepted as normal because we’ve taken so many steps backwards and sideways these past few months it’s amazing any of us are left to tell the tale.
Starting to think this might be what finally does Florida in which would be a real shame because my father lives there and we’ve hardly rectified anything.

Charles Cicirella

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