Friday, June 19, 2020

Canaan is out of the question.

Key West (Philosopher Pirate) - I really do hope that is the title because it's just funny - I don't know why, but it is funny like the sun's not yellow it's chicken. you know I am not one to sit there and attempt to "figure out" what a song means, but I do remember when I was 14 hearing that chicken line and just staring out into space, not trying to exactly figure out what it might mean, but more trying to somehow take it all in - all the paint - all the van Gogh grift that goes into it - the words - the letters - Machine Gun Kelly Howling Wolf Jewish Leprechaun diction - how grapefruit at the end of the rainbow isn't actualized grapefruit, but is instead hard worn holograms and sweaty, pinpointed lacerations jettisoning us to the center of a Gobstopper we don't truly want to reach the center of - leave the Tootsie Pop alone it didn't do anything to you - my point is I love the opaque abstract cubist ransacked way Bob gets to a point by doing everything to not get to the point -- I just remember sitting there (and I still do this to this very day because Bob's music is a ghost story - it's Jewish mysticism wrapped in bacon - give me your badge and gun you are now a disgraced cop and that's the blue archetype  you will now bear like a scarlet brand - like a chimney sweep who swallowed Mary Poppins whole) stunned into silence and I wasn't a quiet kid - he gets you to think and not think about any one thing - also the thickness of the paint - have you ever had the good fortune to experience a van Gogh without social distancing or glass (I have thankfully) it's like vinyl versus streaming turds - it's the shellac lifeblood running through our veins with a vengeance -- "It was the best acting I saw anybody do"

Charles Cicirella

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