Saturday, July 18, 2020

Jax Air Liner (For Jax)

Sweeps me along like a cosmic broom
I know age isn’t important and yet I still wonder twenties, thirties, forties and of course ageless as her ancient wisdom wraps me in a Moses blanket and secures my final fantasy
I know she has a significant other and still I wonder of her day to day and how she can be so mortal and immortal at the same time

Felt like she was slipping away so I said something and instead of becoming defensive she placed her foot back on the gas to make sure I knew she’s not going anywhere and that this connection means as much to her as it does to me
It’s been decades since I’ve held someone’s hand or took it upon myself to make sure we get across the busy street safe and sound
She’s a mommy and I’m the old man of the mountain with no dependents which isn’t entirely true because I believe everyone relies upon someone and as gladiators go I’ve always been ready and more than willing to go that extra hundred miles or more for anyone who requires aid

I was breaking bad, not with meth just my own silliness that sometimes involves cracking wise and loosening all ties that constrict and bind when I finally came to the hard fought realization that our inner children must be protected at all costs and that includes not going back to school so soon because this virus has other ideas and our children should not be led to slaughter because of politics and people’s reigning ignorance
I hear Mimo, the creative director off camera and I am so delighted by all her happy sounds and yes the words she uses already so powerfully like her mommy, her mother lioness
Jax Air Liner get on board and leave all your troubles behind because it’s time we reinvested in our dreams and stopped pretending because we’re grownups we can no longer have fun and laugh like we used to.

Charles Cicirella

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