Sunday, July 26, 2020

Under the Weather (For America)
Cradle her in my arms
A beautiful woman with the sun in her eyes
Connected to the synergy in everything

I create to breathe and breathe to create
Walking and chewing gum go hand in hand once you let go of the throttle
I’ll never forget when my brother tried teaching me how to ride a dirt bike. I was nowhere near coordinated enough, but it was nice to spend some quality time with him before he stopped speaking to the entire family, going on nearly twenty five years now

Some people break beneath the pressure while others become a diamond, able to cut glass and leap tall buildings in a single bound
Teachers are the real super heroes, not the athletes and celebrities
I want to believe we’re better than all this mishegas, but after four years of dumbass and the constant death knell of the Republicans toward any even remotely charitable act I’m starting to think we’re getting exactly what we deserve

America the vain and superficial, getting cut down in her prime and just like James Dean neither one is leaving a good-looking corpse
It’s perverse what we prioritize in our country as a person’s deplorable acts of selfishness expose all of us to a plague of biblical proportions
The writing has been on the walls for decades as America gets dementia and forgets how to read the signs of her own downfall

Charles Cicirella

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