Friday, July 10, 2020

Jax Muse

Waiting at the door of my mind for another poem to advance like Sherman's March to the Sea
“Something there is about you that strikes a match in me” that’s what Bob wrote, while for me it’s more like a light at the end of a tunnel that I never believed I’d see
I’m a fool when it comes to people because even though I’ve always known what to say in my poetry, it’s never been the case face to face as I oftentimes ruin a good thing by being too pushy or too dependent on conspiracies of illogic

Jax Muse a silver lining crashing through the pounding, cranial waves by presenting a new direction through the thundering of paranoia and the lightning of anxiety constantly purging my soul
There’s a right and a wrong way and then there’s my way which guarantees failure because not many people can handle a lava monster artist as I impede any strengthening bonds by asking too many fireproof questions
I watched her as the tears began falling and I knew someone was going to lose a finger or eye as two chameleons on a mirror have a conversation in poem form

I borrowed some of that last line from Jax because her words stoke my inner lion
I don’t believe Jax quite gets just how much power she possesses as her genuine, gentle nature supersedes all the bullshit too many egomaniacs pass off as art
I haven’t tuned into anyone’s wavelength like this in a long time because all the radio stations have been co-opted by rope- a-dope salesmen hell-bent on breaking our spirits by brick walling the music and throwing it into our ears like poisoned darts.

Charles Cicirella

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