Friday, July 17, 2020

Soft Serve or Hard Ice Cream (For Jax)

Jax says the quality has changed to which I call bullshit.
Everything is laid out before us and it’s for us to choose what we’re willing to allow inside, think of it as a vampire with less sharp teeth and not such a taste for blood.
She closed down which saddens me to no end because I know my feelings for her have not changed and never will.

It was incredible to watch the first time she read one of her poems and how quickly afterwards she began her own podcast.
Then something about writing 25,000 words and Jax slipped away like inclement weather or a hand being let go of because the adult has forgotten how to be a child.
I’m a living, breathing artist and never quite understood how other people who claim to also be artists get stuck in the webbing and before you know it their goose is cooked.

Jax stepped back and that is obviously her right to do so, but how about giving the other person a head’s up because for me when a muse shuts down it’s like hitting a concrete wall going 180 miles per hour.
I like my ice-cream to have dairy even though I’m lactose intolerant because I’ve discovered nothing replaces the real thing and that goes thrice for dessert and everything nice.
Let’s stop telling ourselves lies and instead accept that all the drawings on the walls are from our hearts and to erase anything would be a crime against our most passionate selves.

Charles Cicirella

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