Monday, August 17, 2020

Hope Equates Fear (The joyless beggars are filled with mirth) (Or Chris Campanile is a Big Teddy Bear)

The atmosphere is ripe for dividends returned and apple orchards restored
The Garden of Eden is non-fiction and if you don’t believe that shame on you
Chis Campanile drove the van while Bill and I hung onto the bumper for dear life. When the Texas Ranger stopped us looking for guns we got away without even a warning because God is good

Chris believed in me like few people have and gave me the benefit of the doubt more than most
We read poetry in several choice locales including in Austin, Texas where a world poet claimed dominion over all unsuspecting souls
Breaking bread with Chris and his son Phoenix was both a blast to the past and a shofar shouting the Jewish New Year

Let’s leave all past grievances behind us and start fresh
The world needs to be driven through a car wash and have the last four years of grime and grief go the way of the apoplectic dinosaurs
I’m all for forgiving, but I will never forget how a man and his party of idolaters nearly drove this country over a cliff while doing their best to break our spirits and crush our dreams

The atmosphere reeks of step and fetch it lies and petty grievances painted on the walls like golden showers of desperation and unsound fury
When I first heard Christopher sing I knew his soul wasn’t for sale and that he was a guardian of light and a warrior for truth
He plays his entire body like a drum as his cosmic trip mind wrestles us from the hatred none of us should fixate on for too long.

Charles Cicirella

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