Thursday, August 13, 2020

Poetry Jerky (For Jax)
3:09 AM listening to her voice, cadence and the pitter patter of her tongue doing Olympic worthy gymnastics in her mouth temple
I don’t believe in coincidences and I don’t think that’s a coincidence, but what do I know when I’m just a word junkie and an action painting like my friend James Michael Shepard was
The Celestine Prophecy had its moments as did Shirley MacLaine when she wasn’t on another planet nursing her wounds

The New Age grew tiresome for me even before it got out of the gate because it comes off so transparent and I need more meat and potatoes on my unexcavated bones
It’s been decades since I’ve let my guard down and maybe I need to work on that or maybe it’s best I stay on high alert because a mind or heart invasion can be just as intrusive and costly as a home invasion
Poetry jerky like goat can be tricky to locate, but once you’ve honed in on your prey it’s just like old home week and who doesn’t need more reggae in their life

When Jax goes freestyle it reminds me of when I’d improvise like a Jewish gangster hell-bent on world domination. Then I think about Dutch Schultz lying on that hospital bed all shot up and some of his last words “A boy has never wept… nor dashed a thousand kin.”
It breaks my heart how so many of us feel that we’re unlovable
I’m now thinking about my own inner child and his mouth smudged with Hershey's Chocolate Syrup and how high fructose corn syrup will be the death of all of us if we’re not more careful

When I hugged my inner child for the first time so many barriers broke apart and I understood how important it is to forgive ourselves for whatever we may have done wrong
It’s now 3:34 AM and my fingers are still looking for the words to catapult myself out of this ghetto in my mind I cannot seem to move past
Maybe me and Jax can continue to help each other find our way through the Snoopy dark as we own up to our faults and the Christmas Star inspires us to travel to Jerusalem.

Charles Cicirella

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