Monday, August 24, 2020

Reaching Into Eternal Emptiness

Hitting the bottom is different for everybody
Sometimes it involves murder, other times just infidelity
Mel Brook wasn’t futzing around when he laid down the law

Reaching into eternal emptiness is like reaching for the last doughnut and only powdered sugar remains at the scene of this victimless crime
Maybe we expect too much or maybe we best stop eating the shit conservatives continue feeding us. Don’t ever buy the party line against progressives because until we actually move to the left we’re continuing to fail as a country and as an ideal
The melting pot is a ghost of its former self as the white scum rises to the top, leaving all the beautiful people at the bottom of the barrel

So what I’m a bottom feeder. What are you, but an exposed nerve whose own electricity has high-tailed it out of here leaving you in the crime noir dark
The shadows positively mock you with their Edward Scissorhands and Johnny Depp tequila eyes
Let’s get something straight I only signed up for the depravity, no one ever said I had to be an upstanding citizen

Today Donnie tweeted he believed he was leading in the polls which is categorically untrue like everything else that spews out of his baby manhole mouth
In his estimation the more he lies, the more these falsehoods permeate our social consciousness and he’s right because half the country was never all there to begin with and enjoys a good yell before putting down another of their kin
We’re in more than unstable times and people seem to fail to understand this either because of fear or simply because ignoring the problem has always done the trick in the past. Thing is sticking our heads in the sand is only making us more vulnerable as the post office becomes the next casualty in one man’s dismantling of our Democracy.

Charles Cicirella

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