Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Just Out of Reach (For Jax)


In the dark
I cannot grasp the light
Words just out of reach

You’re mercurial
Like a cat or hurricane
Secrets encase you in stone

I’m a poet and so are you
We both made sacrifices
It’s the covenant we made with God

You possess electricity and it possesses you
The hellhounds on your trail resemble unicorns
I looked into your eyes and found Dante’s “Paradiso”

In the light
I reinterpret the dark
Words smother me in kisses of oblivion

You’re quicksilver
Like a first edition or crossword puzzle
Clues outline you in child’s chalk

We’re both human and supernatural
You know it and I know it too
It’s the bond me made when still in the womb

You ponder existence and it ponders you
The angels in the architecture believe in you
You looked into my heart and found me just out of reach

Charles Cicirella

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