Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Hey Mike Rep!

Let’s go down to the basement
We can hold hands like a couple of fags
Because there’s nothing wrong with that

And I love you
Loved you since you first had my back at The Poetry Forum at Larry's
Neither one of us has ever had much use for academia except of course for Mary Rumm and Frank Richardson

I love you like when I was a kid and didn’t know the sun was rooting for the demise of our civilization
You’re fifteen years older than me, but that only makes me think how you are beating the crap out of whatever it may mean to be a senior because even when you slow down, you’re still moving at light speed
Any introductions that needed to be made, you made them because you were never afraid of the best laid plans of mice and men

The whole experience of a Coney chili cheese dog and a root beer float never made much sense until you took me under your wing and showed me just how close Icarus flew to the sun
Mike, you are Greek mythology come to life because your myth has always preceded the actual science fiction that is Mike Rep, but none of that means a damn thing once your calendar is in astral weeks and your frame of reference is bushy eyed and cotton tailed
A rocket to nowhere bursts through the atmosphere because getting out of this town is all the rocket had on its mind. That rocket and me have a lot in common and that’s why I’m writing this poem to you.

Charles Cicirella

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