Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Rachel and Carter

Have known Rachel since I was a young punk screaming at the top of my irascible lungs while digging my feet into the gravel behind JR Miggs
She let me drive her car without a license while we went on clandestine missions which I cannot go into in more detail because this poem is also for her young son
Rachel was the first person I met at Miggs that made me feel welcome and that was a long time coming for me

We’ve kept in sporadic touch over these past many years and every time we talk on the phone it’s like no time has passed and we’re still just as silly and ready to take on the world
Rachel always supported my art and never made me feel judged or like a pariah just because my world view is unconventional and doesn’t jive with the creaky, cranky status quo
When we went to California for Nick and Dana’s wedding I knew I could always count on her to hang out with and that we’d laugh until we both nearly peed our pants

I’ve wanted to meet Carter since he was born because he sounds so cool and also because I know Rachel is the best mommy in the world
She has always been honest with me and not once did she let me down by losing her nerve and acting like all the rest of the sheep humans who resist change by endlessly staying the same
I want to break out of my cage and when I do I’m going to call up Rachel, grab a Stephen King book and go pick up her and Carter so we can all just get lost for a while and not worry about being found until we’re good and ready to come back home.

Charles Cicirella

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